3i Black Water

3i Black Water – Hydrate Your Soul

We are very excited to announce that we have secured the exclusive distributor rights to bring 3i Black Water to New Zealand- it is something rather special.

Steve Livingston Focus Distribution Sales Manager believes 3i Black water will have broad appeal- the health conscious consumer  will love the many health benefits, and millennials will love the cool factor- “it is black but it tastes like 100% pure water. He was amazed to learn all about the health benefits of 3i Black Water and the role Fulvic Acid plays in this.

We all know that the world’s environment is going through some serious challenges. Many mass-produced foods like fruits and veggies are showing a decline in the produce’s fulvic acid content due to the quality of soil they are grown in. All the good stuff normally found in healthy soil is slowly disappearing. So much of the food we eat every day is containing less and less nutrients, less minerals and significantly less fulvic acid.

That’s where 3i Black Water helps solve this problem-  by adding a 100% natural fulvic trace mineral blend to distilled and purified rainwater free from any nasty chemicals found in tap water such as fluoride and chlorine they have created a refreshing beverage that has have health benefits that are undeniable.

3i Black Water has a pH of 8.5+ and contains a plethora of nutrients that help boosts digestive health, cell hydration, nutrition absorption rates and assists in maintaining a balanced pH. These nutrients also help boost energy, promote cell life, improve circulation, enhance endurance and stimulate metabolism. Additionally, the compound helps control inflammation, regulate hormone production, boost the immune system and promote cognitive function. It’s what makes 3i Black Water so powerful.

Check out www.3iblackwater.com.au to find out more.

The team at Focus Distribution are out and about presenting 3i Black Water to the trade now and demand has been amazing, so if you want to get your hands on our first delivery then get in touch on info@focusdistribution.co.nz  or ring us on 0800 8636 287.