Focus Distribution Launch Feel’n Seedy Recovery Drinks

We all can feel a little seedy from time to time – but now New Zealand consumers have a way to banish that seedy feeling with this new range of innovative beverages. Feel’n Seedy is a hangover recovery drink like you have never seen or had before. And just quietly a couple of us at the Focus Distribution office can testify that it works like a charm.

Available in 3 popular flavours- Orange, Passionfruit and Raspberry they are carbonated to add a refreshing fizz and contain multi B & C vitamins, Kudzu Root extract and Yerba mate Tea to revitalise and hydrate. 

Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink that’s gaining worldwide popularity. It’s said to have the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of chocolate. It is considered an antioxidant powerhouse that contains many beneficial plant nutrients which can boost energy and improve mental focus- but without the jittery side effects of coffee.

Kudzu is a vine and the root, flower, and leaf have been used in Chinese medicine since at least 200 BC. Today, kudzu is used to reduce the symptoms of a hangover- including headache and upset stomach.

Feel’n Seedy comes in 330 ml glass bottles which are able to be recycled – so they are good for the planet as well as the body. Each carton contains 12 bottles.

We know Feel’n Seedy is going to be a hit with millennials who live life in the fast lane and busy kiwis who just need an energy boost.

So, if you want to give your chilled beverage sales a boost, contact us to find out more about this amazing drink. 

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“Chilli Out Bro”- A Taste of Mexico in a Goodtime Pie


Kiwis love pies and they are loving Mexican food – just look at the  number of Mexican restaurants that have opened up in the last few years and take a wander down any supermarket isles and you will find loads of Mexican sauces.
So, our friends at The Goodtime Pie Co. decided that it made sense to combine the two and launch a Chilli Beef and Cheese Pie under the Classic Kiwi range. Since its launch it has been flying out the pie warmer and just goes to show that kiwis are always looking for new tasty pie flavours.
Chilli Beef and Cheese is made from prime New Zealand Beef, red kidney beans, onion, red peppers and tomatoes, topped with a tasty cheese sauce. They are available in cartons of 6 wrapped pies in the distinctive Goodtime Classic Kiwi style.
It is a HOT new flavour so stock up your pie warmer now – Who needs to go to Mexico to get some spice in your life, just tuck into a few Goodtime Classic Kiwi Chilli Beef and Cheese Pie, and watch things quickly heat up! Chilli out bro, kiwi style.
If you think your customers would love it too, then get in touch with Focus Distribution on 0800 8636 287 to order.