Focus Distribution Tailored Services Model

Our Philosophy

We see ourselves as a facilitator, connecting Manufacturers/Suppliers with Foodservice and Route Customers. We are very conscious of and work hard to ensure that, the Customer Relationship is a positive one. We have an IT system which allows the Manufacturer/Supplier to own the Customer Relationship while Focus Distribution carries out the logistics. All is explained below.

Focus Distribution can provide the following either in part or as a total package. You can choose from just logistics through to a full-service option. The choice is yours.


  • National distribution with customised solutions.
  • National Sales Representation with customised sales solutions.
  • National Customer Support all aspects.

Logistics Options

  • Ex-Factory – we can arrange to have your product picked up at your door. In many cases, you may be able to access our good bulk freight rates.
  • Ex-Distribution Centres located in Christchurch, Napier, and Auckland. You would deliver in bulk to our DC’s. Full product management service is available.
  • Ex-Branch You would deliver FIS to our 12 regional branches all of whom have Owner Operated warehouses providing coverage from Whangarei to Dunedin. The branches will often take ownership of the product along with any shrinkage and damage.
  • Warehousing – Storage, Pick/Pack and Delivery service.
  • Daily Deliveries – Monday to Friday (with some exceptions)

Our regional branches are all owner operated for complete commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our customer service level is amongst the best in the country.

Sales Growth and Support

  • Focus Distribution grows Manufacturer/Supplier sales by leveraging our existing customer base, where possible.
  • Focus Distribution employs 11 Sales Reps based in all major regions. We can, if desired, provide frontline sales support via regular face-to-face on-site call cycles & on-call phone support, along with sales growth via cold calling on new customers.

Customer Services

  • Focus Distribution can provide a complete order to invoice service via daily telesales, email, and web ordering.

⋅ Orders obtained by 12:30pm today for in-store delivery tomorrow.

  • Using our enterprise computer system, the customer can be billed with an invoice, which for all intents and purposes looks like the invoice of the Manufacturer/Supplier. IE Logo and address etc. Focus Distribution will then send an electronic data-file to the Manufacturer/Supplier so that they can import it into their accounting system thus taking ownership and control of the customer sales history and subsequent debtor management.
  • Focus Distribution can provide a national 0800 customer service as well as an email and online, registered customer ordering system for all customers.
  • Focus Distribution can provide a computerised price book system whereby your branch or site can only order the products that you have sanctioned.

Customer & Debtor Management

  • If desired, Focus Distribution can own the customer relationship and fund the debtors.

Marketing Services

  • Focus Distribution can recommend a service provider for marketing activities like product catalogue development, flyers, brand strategy, design & artwork.


  • Focus Distribution provides services based on;

Commission the rate being commensurate with the value of the product and extent of service required.

Parcel Delivery a set parcel price is agreed, similar to a courier.

Become a Customer

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Become a Supplier

Call us on 0800 8636 287 or Contact us by email and we will get in touch as soon as possible.