Hub Petite Gourmet Pies

HUB Petite Gourmet Pies

Our chef is a nightmare in the kitchen but he does come up with some wicked ideas like the Petite range so that those who have a petite appetite can still get their gourmet pie fix. He still however blows his top if the meat and vegetables aren’t the best available. If the herbs and spices aren’t just so he goes ape. And if the flaky pastry isn’t perfect, he hits the bloody roof. He’s hell to work with – but you have to admit, he does make the most wicked Petite gourmet pies.

  • Hub Petite 150g range created to appeal to females with smaller appetites
  • Great price point – serve with a salad for a value-add meal with great margin


  • Angus Beef Steak & Mozzarella
  • Creamy Butter Chicken
  • NZ Lamb, Kumara & Rosemary
  • Thai Chicken Red Curry & Vegetables
  • Mince-atarian Mince and Cheese